Friday, December 27, 2019

Men Who Rape The Psychology Of Fender Essay - 1772 Words

A. Nicholas Groth’s book Men Who Rape The Psychology of the Offender is a revelation towards anyone who ever believed in the common myths surrounding female sexuality and what stereotypically marks a potential rapist (stranger in the streets, homeless man etc.). The book is lauded by critics as being a must have for anyone professionally working with offenders or victims of sexual violence. This book provided me a clear understanding as to why men rape, which is based on three primary reasons: power, anger, and sex desire (least accepted). I was able to understand why men, women and children behave that way, since the book provided many detailed examples and explanations. This book details a no-nonsense, clinical overview of rape, of both the offenders and the victims. It was very difficult to read, as it is full of stories of actual rapes, gets inside the minds of some very sick men, and shows the trauma of the victims after the assault. Although this was distressing for me, the author did not pull any punches here, because averting our eyes from horrors only perpetuates those horrors. Just like hoping that it will never happen to you does not mean that it ever will .This book does a good job at dispelling many of the common myths about both rapists and rape victims. It s a fairly objective, balanced, honest treatment of the subject, but a few times it was clear that they were catering to the radical feminists in their audience. What I found interesting was the factual wayShow MoreRelatedQuestions on Abnormal Psychology4701 Words   |  19 Pagesdominate(s) this field of psychology.   A.theory and speculation   B.statistical analysis from experiments   C.observation and patient interviews   D.experimental research with controlled groups Answer Key:  A Question 3 of 50 1.0 Points Jill was the victim of a fender-bender accident in which she was driving a car struck in a parking lot. Although she felt well initially, she developed back pain immediately after being contacted by the other driver s insurance company who wanted to settle. A thorough

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