Thursday, December 19, 2019

William Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night s Dream For An...

People are relative. This is to say that people are interested in people that are relevant to them, including their families, friends, colleagues and others that remind them of themselves. So if William Shakespeare wrote A Midsummer Night’s Dream for an aristocratic wedding, why would he include average theater company tradesmen? Far from aristocrats, some crities argue that these characters are irrelevant, however Shakespeare includes the company to emphasize contrast, and Nick Bottom to introduce the idea that all is wonderfully ambiguous. Contrast and ambiguity, while opposites, are complements. Contrast implies certainty while ambiguity implies uncertainty. Contrasting characteristics are direct and defined while ambiguous ones are†¦show more content†¦The main issue occurs when they inform Helena of their plan, revealed when Helena says: â€Å"For ere Demetrius looked on Hermia’s eyne, / He hailed down oaths that he was only mine; And when this hail some heat from Hermia felt, / So he dissolved, and showers of oaths did melt. / I will go tell him of fair Hermia’s flight. / Then to the wood will he tomorrow night / Pursue her; and for this intelligence / If I have thanks, it is a dear expense. / But herein mean I to enrich my pain, / To have his sight thither and back again† (1.1.245-251). Helena mentions that this will be an expense to betray Hermia and Lysander’s friendship by sharing their secret with Demetrius and she mentions that it might hurt her to see Demetrius looking at his love, Hermia, but she fails to mention some issues. First, like Hermia and Lysander, she fails to recognize the dangers of venturing into an unexplored wood. She also fails to mention that Demetrius might not thank her or give her any satisfaction in exchange for her help. Both Hermia and Lysander’s and Helena’s decisions are spontaneous and not fully thought out. The fairies and the wood are said to be representative o f chaos and this is especially apparent in the fairies. A large example of their unthorough thought process is shown in Oberon and Puck when they utilize the juice of the little western flower. Oberon says: â€Å"Having once this juice, / I’ll watch Titania when she is asleep / And drop the liquor of it in her eyes. / The

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